The K12.ME.US domain is for kindergarten through 12th grade schools and school districts in Maine. Registrations under this domain are available to any organization who can show they are in Maine and are either a school district or a school.

We do not currently charge fees for registration under this domain and do not have any current plans to charge fees.

Registrations under this domain must follow the conventions of RFC 1480. Examples follow:

School Districts


The district name may be the Maine RSU, SAD, CSD or Union number, a locality name or the local name for the district. For example: rsu0.k12.me.us, sad0.k12.me.us, msad0.k12.me.us, u0.k12.me.us, east-nowhere.k12.me.us, puckerbrush-valley.k12.me.us.


<school-name>.PVT.k12.me.us (private schools).

A public school will normally register under its school district name. In some cases a public school is not part of a district and in those cases may register under its locality name. Private schools use PVT instead of the district name. Some examples: hs.rsu0.k12.me.us, my-academy.pvt.k12.me.us, middle-school.nowhere.k12.me.us.


To request registration under this domain, you can submit the US domain template to ika@maine.edu or if you are a member of the Maine School and Library Network, send mail to msln@lists.maine.edu or telephone 1-888-367-6756 (MSLN Help Line).

Name Servers

For those organizations that qualify under this domain, we will provide name services free of charge. For those who wish to run their own name servers, we offer to provide secondary name servers also free of charge.


We maintain a whois and rwhois server for this domain. For example:

whois someone.k12.me.us@whois.k12.me.us

Other ME.US Domains

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