US Domains delegated to The University of Maine System Network

As part of our public service mission the University of Maine System Network (UNET) acts as the registrar for a number of locality based domains under  Registration under these domains is free of charge but does require that the registrant show that they are entitled to register under these domains.   The current list of domains follows.  Please click on the appropriate link for more details.

In addition to the above, there are some ME.US domains for whom we are not the registrar, but do provide DNS services for sub delegation.   Someone wishing to register under these domains needs to contact the registrar for these domains and at their request, we will add DNS records (again at no charge).


We maintain a whois and rwhois server for the domains delegated to us. For each domain, the whois server is at whois.domain-name. For example:


Last updated by ika on 2010-01-26